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Lurking Woods
Which Of Your Friends Do You Value Most?

SYNOPSIS: Six friends get together for a long-overdue holiday at a cabin. The girls have organized a fun "seek and search" game, determining which guy they end up with. Little do they all know, a mysterious, masked killer has plans of his own to pick them off one by one.

GENRE:  Horror >> Suspense/Thriller,  
DIRECTOR: Rizal Halim
WRITER(s): Desmond Hew
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER(s): Rod Manikam, Jag Pannu, Ong Teng Boon, Rowan Scott
PRODUCER(s): Darryl Westrup, Azman Yeop Jr., Rizal Halim
MAIN CAST: Troy Coward as Mike, Hope Devaney as Andrea, Daniel Berenger as Scott, Chloe Brown as Alice, Kyle James Sargon as Tim, Dominique Shenton as Arleen, Michael Rainone as Eddie
OTHER/SUPPORTING CAST: Darryl "Dizzy" Westrup as Gazza, Vivienne Marshall as Sheila, Bryan Chance as Tommy, Rod Manikam as Charlie, Cassee Lazic as Amy, Jasmine Nibali as Waitress, Dan Minchilli as Cafe Proprietor, Wayne Walton as Driver

FESTIVALS: Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Festival 2020: OFFICIAL SELECTION