Company Profile of Acort International

Acort International is one of the top worldwide distributors of independent films in the global marketplace. Acort International is a division of Maxim Media Marketing, Inc. (M3). We specialize in the horror / thriller / action / fantasy genres and we are specialists in New Media and Digital platforms. We exhibit at most major film markets and have sold hundreds of successful films in all world territories big and small.

Our films are a proven commodity for distributors around the world and we continue to maintain prosperous relationships with the international community’s leading companies. We strive to find newer and better methods with which to service our clientele and work closely with our partners to ensure the success of every acquisition.

Friendly, professional and prompt service, combined with the acquisition of today’s best-selling genres, has been key to our growth and success. We welcome new partners who feel similar in our vision.

Key Executives

The key to our success is our team of industry veterans

With numerous decades of combined entertainment industry experience our executive team has seen it all. We’ve followed the ups-and-downs of the industry and stayed at the forefront of new technologies and practices. That we’ve weathered the market storms and are still in business and performing strongly is a true testament to our engenuity and skill at what we do.

Darrin Ramage
Chief Executive Officer