In the end, isolation is the least of your worries.

Wasteland is set in a world ravaged by a deadly virus and within that world is Scott Miller, a man who, against the odds, is trying to carve out some sort of life. Scott spends his days struggling to survive while he waits for the return of his love, Beth.

Run Time: 92 Minutes

Year Released: 2015

Genre: Horror » Zombies

Director(s): Tom Wadlow

Writer(s): Tommy Draper

Executive Producer(s): Mem Ferda, Chrissa Maund, Michael Salmon, Philip Varghese, Tom Wadlow

Producer(s): Chrissa Maund

Main Cast: Shameer Seepersand, Jessica Messenger, Mark Drake, Rachel Benson, Gavin Harrison

Other/Supporting Cast: Damian Brooke, Carl Bryan, Mike Rhodes