She Who Must Burn

Some burn for justice, others burn for revenge...

Fueled by religious fervor and hateful ignorance, a preacher and his followers seek to enact God’s revenge upon Angela, a courageous nurse who only wants to help the women and children of an ailing mining town.

Run Time: 93 Minutes

Year Released: 2016

Genre: Drama

Director(s): Larry Kent

Writer(s): Shane Twerdun, Larry Kent

Executive Producer(s): Peri Creticos

Producer(s): Peri Creticos, Andrew Dunbar

Main Cast: Sarah Smyth(Angela), Missy Cross(Rebecca Baarker), Shane Twerdun(Jeremiah Baarker), Andrew Dunbar(Caleb Baarker), Andrew Moxham(Mac)

Other/Supporting Cast: Jim Bates(Sheriff), Jewel Staite(Margaret), James Wilson(Abraham), Nancy Sivak(Joan), Steve Bradley(Daryl), Bart Anderson(Errol), Havana Guppy(Annie), Peri Creticos(Demetrius)