The Prometheus Project

The end justifies the means.

A group of researchers conducting illegal stem cell research discover a cell anomaly that has the potential to regenerate dead tissue. Unable to conduct legal human trials, the researchers turn to corpses to test their serum.

Run Time: 90 Minutes

Year Released: 2011

Genre: Action/Suspense » Psychological Thriller

Director(s): Sean Tretta

Writer(s): Sean Tretta

Executive Producer(s): Joe Ricci, Eric Weston

Producer(s): Dustin Lowry, Tiffany Shepis, Noah Todd, Sean Tretta, David C. Hayes

Main Cast: Tiffany Shepis, Louis Mandylor, Scott Anthony Leet, Ed Lauter

Other/Supporting Cast: Maya Stojan, Patti Tindall, David C. Hayes, Richard Anderson, Esther Ellsworth, Joe Ricci