Beware of those you trust

In this bone-chilling thriller, babysitter Jo is determined to prove that the outrageous neighborhood ice-cream man is really a psychotic monster responsible for the disappearance of a local boy.

Run Time: 105 Minutes

Year Released: 2015

Genre: Horror » Suspense/Thriller

Director(s): Robert Henderson

Writer(s): Robert Henderson

Executive Producer(s): Robert Henderson, Colleen Henderson, Kierney Nelson,Tom Riska, Duane A. Sikes

Producer(s): Robert Henderson, Ryan Cimino, Cristina Cimino, Dave Tankersley, Dustin Hays

Main Cast: Kierney Nelson, Adam Vernier, Dakota Morrisiey, JT Chinn

Other/Supporting Cast: Tom Riska, Ansley Gordon, Elizabeth Brewster, Ericka Winterrowd, Tom Siedle, Matthew Weidle