The Grave Caller Movie
The Grave Caller

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The Grave Caller

The ghosts of your choices live forever.

Traveling to the mountains of West Virginia, author Sam Talbot is certain his next hit book lies within the pages of his deceased uncles diary. As he begins his research, the ghosts of choices made in the past begin to take shape all around him.

Run Time: 98 Minutes

Year Released: 2018

Genre: Horror

Director(s): Joseph Anderson

Writer(s): Joseph Anderson

Main Cast: Jacob Crickenberger (Samuel Talbot), Vanessa Cuccia (Veronica Talbot), Nathaniel Grauwelman (Sam Talbot), Kate Bryant (Claire Talbot)

Other/Supporting Cast: Ray Zupp (Peter), Amanda Miller (The Mother), Meghan Martin (Farmers Daughter), Bill Nally (The Alchemist)