Conspiracy Encounters

2000 years ago we called them angels. Today we call them Aliens.

In March of 1997, strange lights were witnessed flying over the Phoenix sky, and in their wake lives were forever changed by the appearance of a man during the inexplicable Phoenix lights phenomenon.

Run Time: 106 Minutes

Year Released: 2016

Genre: Sci-Fi

Director(s): Daniel Pace

Writer(s): Daniel Pace

Producer(s): Daniel Pace, Michael Tassoni

Main Cast: Slade Hall, Michael Tassoni, Thomas Basham, Richard Glover

Other/Supporting Cast: Ketherine Stewart, Scott Dillon, Irene Larios, Robert Tamminga, Skyler Griffin, Mark Seigal, Lori Brandt, Mark Colver, Al Paitano, Frank Sprague, Ariel Arce, Ismael Benitez Benitez, Mike Mikl, Sam Hernandez, Mark Collver, Sean Scaturro, Mahcbub H. Momin, Marian G. Tierney, David Lewin, Adrian Quihuis, Amy Searcy, Daniel Pace, MEZ Murray, Federico Pace, Javier Aguilar