Black Creek Movie
Black Creek

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Black Creek

Hunting Season has begun, who will survive?

Mike and Heather's father die and they go to his cabin in the woods to spread his ashes. They are joined by some friends who go for some fun in the country. While there, a demon emits chaos by possessing the teens and they commit horrible acts.

Run Time: 80 Minutes

Year Released: 2019

Genre: Horror

Director(s): James Crow

Writer(s): James Crow

Executive Producer(s): Craig Patrick

Producer(s): Jeff Greig, Scott Patrick, Paul Peterson

Main Cast: Chris Oflyng, Leah Patrick, Rachel Vedder, Brianna Shae, Robert Lowe, Pierse Stevens

Other/Supporting Cast: Todd Clennon, Lance Wendlandt, Kelly Wendlandt, Kaylee Williams, Michael Copon