Beautiful Prison

Ben's mind is damaged, his memories are worse

Ben is a brain damaged young man who awakens from a violent accident to a restored intellect and supernatural abilities, which allow him to control the happenings of his world. Trapped in his own mind, he must face his horrific past and the memories that haunt him, or he may never wake up.

Run Time: 83 Minutes

Year Released: 2016

Genre: Thriller » Psychological Thriller

Director(s): Joel Vallie

Writer(s): Joel Vallie

Executive Producer(s): José Salvador Gallegos, Eric Scott Johnson, Eric Machiela

Producer(s): Joel Vallie, Eric Machiela

Main Cast: Ernesto D’Alessio (Chente), Kaelin Stockwell (Ben), Benjamin Chamberlain (Jerry), Leila Garza Stockwell (Jubilee), Kristen Barrett (Angela)

Other/Supporting Cast: Liam Matthews (Father), Jason Riley (Man in Black), Isabel Zittel (Young Angela), Caleb Pope (Young Ben), Mónica Almanza (Doctor), Valentina Arnold (Mother)